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Understanding Your All Natural Hard Maple Butcher Block

There is no better work surface for food preparation than our All Natural Butcher Blocks. Features include ease of use, protection of fine cutlery, food safety, and enjoyment of the beauty and character of real wood.

This product is made from all natural Hard Maple. Because wood is natural fiber, it will absorb and release moisture readily. The increase or decrease of moisture in the fiber will cause the wood to slightly swell or shrink. High humidity will cause the piece to expand slightly. Low humidity will cause the piece to contract slightly. When fastening this product to another structure such as a base cabinet or a table frame, it is very important to use fasteners that allow for this movement. Failure to allow adequate movement will result in warping, cracking or splitting.

When using for food preparation, wet foods and juices should not be allowed to remain in contact with the board for prolonged periods of time. Wooden food preparation surfaces should be cleaned immediately after use. A good saturation of food safe mineral oil is necessary to protect the wood from absorbing significant amounts of moisture during use.

FINISH FOR FOOD PREPARATION SURFACE: This board is constructed of all natural Hard Maple laminated together with food-safe water resistant glue. It is very important to keep the wood well saturated with food-safe salad bowl or butcher block oil. Please follow maintenance instructions below.

MAINTENANCE: Regular maintenance is very important to keep your butcher block protected and looking like new for years to come.

APPROXIMATELY EVERY 2 TO 4 WEEKS: Apply a liberal coat of food safe mineral oil to all sides of block. Let stand to allow the oil to be absorbed into the wood. Repeat with a second coat. Wash board with a hot soapy cloth, wipe with a clean damp cloth, immediately towel dry, then air dry. Re-treat as necessary.

CLEANING: Scrape with a rigid utensil to loosen any particles adhering to the surface. Wash with a warm soapy cloth, wipe with clean damp cloth, immediately towel dry, let stand to completely air dry. Do not soak in water or wash in dishwashing machines. Do not use harsh chemicals or solvents.