4 Stars Sturdy, nice-looking, needed different screws

Todd from WA on 7/31/2013 12:00:00 AM wrote:

Very sturdy brackets, and very nice-looking, as well. They are not pristine, perfectly polished pieces, but they are just right if you are going for a casual look, or just a touch rustic, like we were. They do protrude from the wall at a very slight angle to the left - no big deal for a casual look. We were unable to use the screws that came with the brackets. I felt like getting a few more threads into the studs would shore up the installation, so I got longer screws to attach to the wall. On the other end of things, I needed shorter screws to attach the 3/4 inch boards used for shelves. That has more to do with our choices for our shelves than anything else, though. Very pleased with the end result.