5 Stars Gorgeous, Sturdy

from on 6/8/2011 3:59:54 PM wrote:

We ordered these brackets for their size and looks. The mixture of the organic and mathematical in their design made them perfect for a steampunk home. What we did not expect was the weight (thank Tesla Van Dykes found a cheap way to ship them). These are solid cast iron, not pressed metal or cheap pot metal. Once mounted, they were strong enough to do chin-ups on! We have two or three holding up a ten-foot pine shelf mounted about a foot down from the ceiling for high storage. We revised our original plans that we could only put light items up there! The one flaw: they are packed with slot-headed screws. There is a limit to Victorianism, and this is past it. This requires either you put the screws in by hand or buy proper Philips head screws so you can use a power screwdriver. Considering ours were going on "old" hardwood walls, we went for Philips heads.