4 Stars Lock set

Peter from NY on 5/14/2014 12:00:00 AM wrote:

I had already purchased 2 of these lock sets in antiqued brass for screen doors a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the latch bolt on one of them broke and needed replacement. This latest purchase is the replacement. I have only 2 complaints. Overall the locks are quite fine in appearance and very serviceable. Rather than pay the higher price for an antiqued version, this time I ordered the polished brass base model, which surprisingly seems heftier than the earlier ones that I had bought. My 1st complaint is the somewhat high cost of such a small item. 2nd is that it would be nice if replacement parts were available. $35 - $40 is a high price to pay to fix a lock that should be repairable, therefore not wasting the other parts especially the case of the lock.