3 Stars My Experience

Pat from WY on 1/14/2013 12:00:00 AM wrote:

My problem with the product was to tie the 3/8 inch tubes into the 1/2 inch base with the parts provided. At the the shut off valves from the main water source lines, I did have to cut the tubing to fit the 1/2 base connection ( leaked) and it was extremely difficult to get a good seal at the base of the shutoff valve with the rubber cone washers provided which did not work. I did improvise and bought some cone washers and shaved them down to fit the 3/8 inch to1/2 inch connection nut provided. Time will tell if they hold. The connection to the facet was great and it went well. I know most of what I explained probably does not make sense, but we have an old tub and an old house, and nothing seems to go as planned when we start any project. We love the old iron tub and have refinished it once, but it now is worn again, and still very functional and in place and we hope to refinish it agian..