4 Stars Good product but know what you need to order exactly.

Doreen from MT on 1/29/2013 12:00:00 AM wrote:

Ordered with for sliding bedroom barn doors in new construction. First mistake was ordering them too early in the process and then when there problems I couldn't return the parts I needed to because I was over the return time. We framed the door opening too wide which then meant we need special order door not just standard. The door was trimmed which meant we needed different hardware and since the doors were bigger we need longer rods then what we had. Also you need to use pocket door hardware on the inside so they can slide behind the wall. I really like the hardware over all ending up spending quite a bit more to do this project then I budgeted for.

4 Stars Sliding Door Kit

JJ from MD on 6/3/2012 9:25:06 AM wrote:

Why I bought it: - The black metallic, rustic look. Blended well with everything else I was trying to do and I really did not want a pocket door. Likes: - Installation not that difficult - All parts arrived and were well marked - plenty of screws - the company was very helpful on the phone Recommendations: 1. Installation instructions really simple, well-written, straight-forwarded. HOWEVER, due to the design and hand construction of all the components (i.e., metal parts may be crafted slightly different and the company will tell you this), I did not have an easy time with the roller straps. So, you may have to deviate somewhat from the instructions, particularly #1 on the instruction sheet. With this in mind, the locating pin on the straps does not have to rest directly on the top of the door, but this is dependent on the consistency of what the company sends you. You may have to elevate one or both straps slightly higher on the door (with the pin not resting on the top) to allow enough space