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Here are some practical and handy home improvement gifts for DIYers and furniture restorers.

woman sanding a chair

Searching for the perfect gift for someone who loves to tinker around the house or construct their own cabinetry and furniture? Van Dyke’s has you covered! Below are 10 ideas to inspire your gift giving.

  1. DIGITAL TAPE MEASURE Another fantastic home improvement gift is a digital tape measure. From bright LCD screen displays to laser-accurate readings (literally), these tape measures bring many modern advances. Many digital devices also store measurements, which means they no longer have to guess hash marks when fastening furniture hardware! Plus, a digital tape measure will never slice a palm zipping back into place.
  2. MAGENTIC WRIST BAND What a handy home improvement gift! Instead of fumbling with screws, drill bits and nails, a magnetic wrist band can keep them with their grasp. These rugged yet comfortable cuffs are typically a universal fit, adjusting to various wrist sizes so that handymen and handywomen can take advantage. Next time you’re mounting a decorative wire mesh with tiny screws, you won’t lose them!
  3. TOUCHSCREEN WORK GLOVES A DIYer needs to reference an instructional video every now and then. But when it’s cold outside or you need to wear safety gloves, it can be frustrating to pull them off just to navigate the screen. This is where touchscreen work gloves come in super handy! An excellent home improvement gift, touchscreen work gloves can not only help you scroll YouTube videos but also call up friends or pros for expert advice.
  4. SHOCK-PROOF IPAD CASE Since you might be using your work gloves to watch DIY videos, consider a shock-proof case for your iPad or other handheld devices. Look for a shock-proof case with dual-layer protection that blends a hard clamshell and soft rubber for accidental drops. Make sure the case has a built-in screen protector, too, as well as a 360-degree kickstand to rotate freely. Add a leather strap to this convenient gift so that they can carry it anywhere.
  5. DREMEL ROATRY TOOL Dremels are a highly versatile tool that every DIYer needs–cutting, carving, sharpening, engraving and more! Choose a two-speed Dremel rotary tool with multiple accessory options to tackle any task. There are also many cordless options available that operate with rechargeable batteries, powered up fully in a few short hours.
  6. A MULTITOOL Every DIYer or handyman needs a multitool. Multitools make wonderful home improvement gifts, too, allowing the recipient always to be prepared. This compact tool can offer a dozen or so tools–pliers, blades, scissors and more–in one package. Even if they already own one, they can always use another in the car or at work or wherever! Leatherman is a trusted, reliable brand.
  7. OSCILLATING TOOL This gift is ideal for furniture restorers but offers many common uses as well! From sanding to grinding to cutting/trimming, an oscillating tool can tackle many projects. Seek out an oscillator with a three-amp motor to give them the power they truly need to complete their projects. Make sure it offers a full range of attachments, too!
  8. A HEADLAMP While this might seem more for the outdoor enthusiast, headlamps can come in quite handy around the house, too! Especially in dark areas like basements, a headlamp can allow their hands to work freely while accomplishing a task. Choose a headlamp with a 200-lumen LED light that also is dimmable. Extra points if you find one that’s waterproof or offers night vision mode with a red light! A strobe function is a nice safety feature to have also. You can even find headlamp beanies and baseball caps, too!
  9. FLEXIBLE MINI FLASHLIGHT An excellent alternative to a headlamp is a flexible mini flashlight. Give this home improvement gift to any handyman or handywoman and light up their day! They can use it to inspect pipes beneath sinks, electrical wires in wall recesses or any tight, dark spaces. Look for a mini flashlight with a slim, telescoping and flexible head–the longer the better!–and an LED flashlight with powerful lumens.
  10. TOOLBOX OR TOOL BELT A practical addition to this handy list of home improvement gifts, the toolbox or tool belt can always be used. This goes especially for those who may have one that’s looking a bit rough around the edges. When seeking the perfect toolbox or tool belt, make sure it has enough compartments/loops. For a toolbox, make sure there is a removable tray and that the metal is light yet durable enough to keep tools protected and readily accessible. Seek out a Stanley toolbox and you can’t go wrong!