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Summer Decorations, Furniture and More: 10 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home

Summer is just days away, which means that it is time to do away with fall and spring decorations and get ready to let in that summer spirit.

With the arrival of summer comes an easy-going feeling and a laid back vibe. Therefore, it is important for your summer decorations to reflect this mood.

If you are ready for the summer season, get ready to usher in a new color palette, pick up some antique hardware for that farmhouse feel and infuse your home with summer decorations that align with the spirit of the season.

Here is how you can bring summer into your home this season.

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10 Ideas for Summer Decorations

The great thing about seasonal changes is that they can bring a whole new look and feel to your home without having to make massive changes like you would with a remodel.

Some ways that you can imbue your home with summer vibes include:

1. Minimize Your Accessories

Summer brings with it an air of lightheartedness. Therefore, you want your rooms to feel lighter and brighter as well. One of the simplest ways to do this is to cut down on accessories and knick-knacks and adopt a more minimalist mindset for a season.

This means that you should stow away any heavy decorative pieces, throws and other sorts of décor that weigh your room down. The goal here is to allow the space to breathe and shine.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have any decorations. Instead, once you have cleared out your space and streamlined things, add in a few (but just a few) summer decorations like a bright throw pillow, a blue vase or similar items.

You might also consider swapping out the artwork on your walls as well. If you have a piece that is dark, complicated or otherwise weighty, consider switching it out for something bright, simple and airy.

2. Let the Sun Shine Through

When people think about summertime, they think of long, sunny days. Therefore, letting the light in is the only reasonable approach to decorating your home for summer.

light up your home curtains

When it comes to lighting up your home, you can either pull the curtains back, switch them out (opting to put up some made of a lighter fabric in both weight and color) or remove them completely.

No matter which way you choose to approach this, you will end up with a lighter, brighter, more summery feeling home.

3. Bring in a Different Color Palette

In many ways, summer decorations hinge on color implementations. In fact, this is true for all seasons.

When it comes to summertime, there are a couple of different ways that you can approach your color choices. The first is to opt for yellows, whites and other bright colors.

According to color psychology and how it impacts feelings, yellow can elicit a sense of energy, excitement and creativity, which are all states that summer naturally evokes. If you go this route, you can bring in yellow throw pillows, vases, candles and citrus fruits to achieve a sense of summer. Additionally, you can choose to incorporate pale yellows or bright, attention-grabbing tones. However, if you opt for yellow, be sure to use it in splashes to avoid overwhelming the space.

home with modern gray and yellow tones

Where whites are concerned, this color tends to bring feelings of cleanliness, freshness and simplicity, which are all excellent for helping to make a room light and airy. Whites are also relatively easy to integrate into a space as you can use this color for your curtains, art, throw rugs, pillows, chairs and other pieces of furniture. Additionally, while they are not white, you can also choose to install glass cabinet knobs in your bathrooms and kitchen as they too bring a clean, simple feeling for summertime.

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Alternatively, you can go a different route with your summer decorations and instead choose to cool things off with shades of blue and green. Going back to color psychology, blues tend to bring to mind feelings of calmness and serenity like clear summer skies or calming, cooling waters.

Green, on the other hand, tends to symbolize nature, health, vitality, optimism and other very summery vibes. Green is also often perceived as cooling, thereby making it perfect for hot summer months.

If you choose to go green this summer, you can integrate it in the same way you might if you choose to use blue. However, an even better way to get a greener space is with the use of plants. More on that shortly.

4. Swap Out Your Linens

Just like swapping out our curtains for a lighter fabric (in both weight and color) can freshen up a room, the same can be achieved by changing out your bedding.

Therefore, it is wise to consider pulling off your duvet and swapping it out for cotton or linen sheets for a more comfortable, breezy, heat-friendly look and feel.

Additionally, there are a variety of ways you can go where colors and patterns are concerned. While you can definitely throw down sheets that match any of the aforementioned colors (white bedding never goes out of style), you can also opt for a pattern that screams summertime.

beach centric colors patterns

For instance, beach-centric colors and patterns such as seashells, sandals or just seafoam-colored bedding are all perfect summer decorations. Alternatively, if the coastal vibes aren’t your style, you can instead choose to go with bright floral prints.

No matter which style you decide is right for your home, swapping out your winter or springtime bedding for any of the options listed above is a great way to bring the summer spirit into the bedroom.

5. Prep Your Porch for Summer Parties

Everyone wants to be outdoors during the summer. The long days and warm nights call us to get outside and hike, barbecue, swim and just enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

Therefore, adorning your porch with all of the accoutrements necessary to host parties and hang out for hours on end is mandatory for decorating your home for the summer. This means that you might need to purchase new backyard furniture, give your existing pieces a fresh coat of paint or just clean everything off for the months ahead.

Additionally, if you don’t already have them, a great addition to any backyard is the inclusion of string lights.

add fantastic ambience

String lights will add a fantastic ambience for after dark hang out sessions, providing just the right amount of light to enjoy company but not be overwhelming. Fortunately, there exists a wide array of different themed and colored outdoor lights, thereby ensuring that they will fit perfectly with your patio’s aesthetic.

Additionally, hanging outdoor string lights in a backyard is a pretty simple process that can be completed in just a couple of hours but provide untold hours of summertime enjoyment.

6. Bring the Outside Inside

In addition to getting outdoors in the summertime, it is also important to bring the outdoors into your home so that everything constantly feels like summer.

Of course, opening the windows will give you a great view of the outdoors and keep the fresh air flowing inside, but it is also vital to bring some of that life inside. There is no better way to achieve this than with plants and flowers.

home with bright white and blue decor

If you have any flower bushes growing on your property, go ahead and cut some and bring them indoors. If not, you can easily pick up a variety of different plants (including ones that grow flowers) at your local nursery.

The kinds of plants you choose are all up to you as anything from begonias to peace lilies, aloe plants and beyond make for perfect indoor plants for the summer.

Alternatively, if you are the kind of person who has a black thumb (which is the opposite of a green thumb), then consider picking up some fake plants instead. While they may not be the real thing, at least they will still bring some summertime green into your space.

7. Break Out the Summer Scented Candles

Summer decorations are about more than just visuals, as tropical and citrus scents, hang-drying linens, salty breezes and the like also bring summer to mind for most people.

Therefore, you might want to pick up some new candles, diffusers, air fresheners and other products that will help to match the general summertime ambiance for which you are aiming.

If you are coming up blank on what scents you would like to smell in your home this summer, don’t worry. There are tons of different summer candle scents on the market today. This means that everything from sea salt, citrus, coconut, sandalwood, fresh mountain air, lush grass and more are all on the table for your enjoyment.

8. Brighten Up Your Bathroom

If you are going to give your living rooms, bedrooms and even your backyard a summertime makeover, you can’t skip your bathrooms.

Fortunately, summer decorations for bathrooms are pretty easy as there are already scores of ocean-themed shower curtains, seashell-shaped soap dishes, beach-inspired décor, aquatic-inspired hand towels and similar items readily available online and at big box stores.

However, if you are not into this kind of themeing, then simply consider applying some of the previously mentioned color combinations to your bathroom, changing out shower curtains and towels for ones that align with the look and feel of the rest of your home’s summer decorations.

9. Bring Summertime into the Kitchen

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The kids are off school, the parents are coming to visit, friends are over on the weeknights. People do an awful lot of entertaining during the summer months. Therefore, you are probably going to spend a good chunk of time in the kitchen, which means that this space also needs that splash of summer.

a splash of summer kitchen

Fortunately, the kitchen is another space that can incorporate many of the previously mentioned summer decorations. For instance, some fresh flowers and citrus fruits can go a long way toward making the kitchen feel like summer. At the same time, it is a good idea to remove any valances you might have in place and start adding some summer-feeling foods to your family’s plates, such as fruit salad, watermelon and pretty much anything that was grilled on the barbecue.

10. Hang Some Colorful Art

If your walls are bare or currently adorned with dark, heavy or otherwise unseasonable pieces of art, consider stashing them away for the summer and hanging up some pieces that are cool, light and simple. Bright, acrylic pieces are great for adding a pop of color to a room while pastels can add a sense of excitement.

Plus, you don’t need to buy anything expensive. Instead, you and the kids can have an arts and crafts day and do some DIY projects that will help bring some of that summer style into your home.

Decorating Your Home for the Summer

Summertime brings with it a sense of liveliness, vitality and vibrance. Your summer decorations should reflect this feeling. Fortunately, there are a myriad of different ways to achieve that summer spirit. From hanging new art to bringing flowers in from outside, changing out your curtains and more, there is no shortage of ways to decorate your home for the summer.

Try out some of the tips listed above and you are sure to have a home that celebrates the summer all season long.

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