Traditional design and superior craftsmanship make these hard-carved wooden appliques a must for your next renovation! Turn any woodworking project from plain to ornate with these incredibly-detailed wood appliqués and onlays. This is the easiest, most beautiful way to finish your woodworking piece or dress up your cabinets, mantle, or other furniture pieces. Our appliqués are sold unfinished, allowing you to paint, stain, or seal the wood to match whatever you are attaching it to. Simply glue your appliqué on with a small amount of wood glue: hold the appliqué firmly in place for 2 to 3 minutes while the wood glue dries, or secure the appliqué in place with pins and then remove them later (or use headless pins so you can leave them in unnoticed). Try to avoid “squeeze out” and clean it up where it occurs, as the glue can affect how the wood receives stain. Stain the original piece and the appliqué together, and they will look like one and the same piece of wood!