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9 Home Improvement Ideas for Winter

Posted on 01/25/2022

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Looking for a few winter DIY home projects? Van Dyke’s Restorers has the perfect list of both easy and practical home improvement fixes to keep you from getting cabin fever. From reducing energy bills to updating the kitchen and bath, here are nine home improvement ideas for winter.

1. Renovate the Kitchen

Renovate your entire kitchen or simply open it up more. Update outdated cabinetry and embellish it with period-style cabinet hardware for a vintage flair. Install a bold tile backsplash against the wall or replace old appliances and fixtures with classic brass or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. There are countless ways to create the kitchen of your dreams!

2. Update the Bathroom


Winter is a fantastic time to update any bathroom spaces. The same way you might renovate the kitchen with new appliances and finishes, update the bathroom as well. Replace outdated tiles and grout and update the fixtures like the bathroom faucet and showerhead. Switch out lighting fixtures with something more pleasing and mount towel racks and hooks to hang plush robes and hand towels. Go luxurious and replace the bathtub with an antique-style, freestanding clawfoot tub or install heated flooring to warm bare feet on a cold winter day.

3. Build Out an Unfinished Basement

Build out an unfinished basement, creating anything from a home entertainment room, home gym, spare guest bedroom or, if it’s equipped with water connections, even an in-law suite with a small kitchen and bath. There are countless possibilities! Plus, the construction crew and installers will not disrupt your daily lifestyle or winter holiday celebrations and plans.

4. Pack or Spray Insulation

Pack or spray insulation to create better energy efficiency. Take a look around unfrequented areas such as the attic, basement and crawl spaces to see if insulation could use an update or needs to be replaced entirely. Also, when it comes to insulation, you have two choices: fiberglass batting and spray foam.

Fiberglass batting is the standard insulation and is all good and well, but if you want something denser, choose a spray foam insulation instead. While it’s more expensive, spray foam insulation is more efficient at keeping heat inside the home. Also, be sure to play it safe with fiberglass and wear protective gear like goggles and gloves.

5. Install New Flooring

While fall is the ideal time to install new flooring, winter is a close second. However, whether it’s hardwoods in the main living areas or ceramic tile or stone in the bathrooms, give yourself plenty of time to select, acclimate and install brand new floors to showcase to overnight guests, family and friends.

Since flooring is quite the investment, be sure to explore various flooring types that can provide a higher ROI. Even if you choose not to install entirely brand new floors, you can still give older, scratched hardwoods a buff and refinish or steam clean dingy stained carpets.

6. Install a Programmable Thermostat
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Install a new programmable thermostat to help you reduce your home’s energy bills. Even better–install a more modern smart home thermostat that can learn your daily habits, ensuring the home is heated when you arrive and cooled down when you are away. Overall, installing a thermostat can increase a home’s energy efficiency.

7. Upgrade to Energy-Saving Windows

Another way to increase your home’s energy efficiency is by upgrading drafty older windows. Choose Energy Star-rated windows and skylights for maximum efficiency and to reduce your home energy bill by a 12 percent average.

8. Get Organized with Shelving Units

This home improvement idea is super easy for the winter and can improve your life instantly! If you have a cluttered area of the home that could use some organization, install wall-to-wall shelving units. Whether it’s the home office, hobby corner or the garage, sorting your files, hobby tools and sports equipment all in one cohesive place will help you faster locate items you need. It’s not just about shelves, either! Hang bike racks in the garage, install a drop-down crafts table and build a coat rack in the mudroom–anything that makes the most of the sace.

9. Build a Mudroom

Speaking of which, you’ll truly appreciate a mudroom in the winter! Stop boots from tracking in slush and mud with a well-placed mudroom, whether you choose to place it inside the rear entryway or tucked under the front porch. Offer lots of cubbies and vintage coat hooks, especially for little ones to hang wet winter coats and hats. Build a cubby space for each member of the family and add name tags if you like. Next time, as you and the family come in from the freezing rain or sledding in snow, you can leave snow at the door and stop it from being tracked inside the home.

What renovation will you take on this winter? Shop our Home for the Holidays collection to find hardware and fixtures that complete your winter renovation.