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Ceiling Tins & Tiles

Ceiling Tins & Tiles

Look Up to a Work of Art with Old-world Metal and Ceramic Tiles and Cornices!

Add the finishing touch to your room with antique tin ceiling tiles. At Van Dyke’s Restorers, we carry a variety of vintage ceiling tiles and antique ceiling tiles to transform your space and give it that added charm of a French-inspired cafe or historic library. We have the pattern, size and finish you need!

Choose from a variety of patterns to embellish your ceilings and renovate a room. In our ceiling tile collection, you will find timeless and elegant traditional patterns and motifs such as fleur-de-lis, square leaf and round wreaths that were modeled after original historic designs. Taken from days of old, they can now lend a classic look to your home effortlessly. Looking for more contemporary decorative ceiling tiles? Check out the dimensional square ceiling tin tiles or the Cambridge ceiling tile for a minimal, understated design. 

Lightweight and easy to install, our antique tin ceiling tiles are made of either a urethane plastic or thin steel tin metal. Each of our urethane ceiling tiles is fully primed in a white hue, inviting you to paint it whatever color you choose, matching existing decor and trim. For our metal ceiling tiles, you will find several finishes – steel, copper and brass – allowing you to match hardware, too. You can even find cornices to add the finishing touch! Just be sure to gather all the supplies you need – steel cone nail heads, grid tapes and more – to complete the job.

Whatever style of antique tin ceiling tiles and decorative ceiling tiles you need, you’ve come to the right place. Explore and get inspired, elevating your ceilings and drawing the eyes upward!

image Avalon Ceiling Tile
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