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Any time is a good time to give that old garden gate a makeover. Gates come in many styles, shapes, and sizes and have become a popular feature in many backyards. With the great selection of gate hardware available from Van Dyke’s, gates can be transformed from a simple, plain structure to a stylish portal to your backyard, pool or hot tub area, or fire pit. Popular gate and door hardware items include hinges and straps, latch sets, pull handles, surface bolts, clavos, padlocks, and speakeasy grates and grilles.

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Product Descriptions

If your gate is not hanging level or your hinges are not strong enough, it is a good idea to change the hinges. The type hinge depends on the weight and size of the gate. An average size garden gate is 5-foot tall by 3-foot wide and weighs around 50 pounds. Gates 6-foot tall and more and weigh over 100 pounds need heavy-duty hinges.

Butt hinges are pin style hinges that attach to the edge of the gate and are mortise or surface mounted. The number and size hinge is determined by the weight of the gate.

Gate Hinges and Straps are used to add a rustic appearance to the gate and feature intricate designs and iron work. No matter what your style, Van Dyke’s offers over 100 different hinges and straps. Popular styles include Warwick, Gothic, Fleur-de-Lis, Halberd, Spear End, Heart End, and Bean End.

Gate Latch Sets are used to secure the gate and are available in many styles of thumblatches and ring handles for any size application.


Gate Pull Handles are made of durable metals and are offered in black iron, rust, brass and bronze finishes and sizes from 6 inches to over 18 inches to suit any gate. Van Dyke’s has over 30 styles of handles to create just the right look.


Another popular type of gate lock for double doors is the cane bolt. A cane bolt installs at the bottom of one door to hold it in place so that the other side can lock against it. Surface bolts are a classic styled sliding bolt that will keep gates securely closed. They give a rustic appeal and are available in black powder coat, rust, nickel, oil blackened, and more.

Clavos are a special type of large nail with decorative head that adds a distinctive feature on gates, trunks, and other projects.

Clavos come in many styles including pyramid, round, cone head, star, Fleur-de-Lis, clover, and more. They also come in many finishes including iron, brass, copper, and pewter. Originating from ancient times, clavos were employed to decorate a wide variety of wooden objects, from temple doors to ships, carts and furniture.

One of our more unique gate closures is Restorers Cannonball Gate Closure. Infused with old southern charm, this cannonball is used for garden gates to weight the gate shut. It features a 6-foot iron chain with a 5 lb. Civil War style black powder coat cast iron cannonball.

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Speakeasy grates and grilles bring a look that was popular during the Prohibition Era. Many models include a hinged door for seeing who is at the door. Choose from several styles in wrought iron, copper, bronze, or rust. Our iron speakeasy grilles are hand forged just like their antique counterparts for a one-of-a-kind authentic look.

Gate padlocks give a vintage look to gates, trunks and other period pieces. Van Dyke’s has several styles and finishes available. They are hand crafted from raw iron for an authentic look. Padlocks come with two keys. Gate hardware can also be used on entry doors, cellar doors, wine cellars, garage doors, and trunk projects.

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