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Suggestions for Installing Pressed Fiber Replacement Seats


Fiber seats may be trimmed to size with a utility knife, heavy duty shears, tin snips or band saw. It is important to determing the size and shape you desire. You can use an old seat out of your chair if ti is available or make a paper pattern. Center your pattern on the design in the center of the seat and mark it on the bottom side. DO NOT center your pattern from the outer edge of the seat. (Overall size may vary slightly). After trimming, the edge may be sanded smooth with common sandpaper.


A good method of securing fiber seats to your chair is with upholstery tacks or nails. Space evenly around the outer 1/2 inch of the seat. Another method of installing seats would be using contact cement.


Fiber seats can be finished natural, stained, or painted. To determing the finish you want, experiment with a scrap or the bottom of the seat. One method is to use a dark stain, wipe quickly and finish with the rest of the chair. The stain will stay in the background (lower portions) of the seat and the quick wipe will lighten the raised portions of the design. Leather resolene will put a protective coat on the seat.