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Transom Windows date back to at least the 14th Century and were a popular feature in 19th Century and Victorian (1837-1901) homes.

The transom style window is also found in Georgian architecture (1714-1830) and Colonial Revival (1880-1955). These decorative windows are seeing a revival in many modern homes and lodges as an architectural design element.

transom window latch

The transom is the transverse horizontal beam above the door and a transom window is a window above the transom beam. Before air conditioning, these above-door windows opened to provide cross ventilation in the home or business while maintaining security and privacy. It was also source of additional light, particularly in a dark hallway.

They usually have hinges at the bottom and chain to determine how wide the window opens. Other styles hinge at the top. The window opens and closes with a long pole with arm that attaches to the window. The pole is mounted beside the door frame.

Today, transom windows are used to let light in and add an architectural feature to the home. Semi-circle or fan-shaped windows are quite popular, as well as the traditional rectangular. Unlike the original windows, most transom windows today usually do not open. Modern transom windows will often have stained or an architectural type glass or decorative wire grilles.

Van Dyke’s recently added a selection of architectural textured glass and has one of the industries widest selections of decorative wire grilles.


Van Dyke’s Restorers carries a nice selection of hardware for restoring these iconic windows or for DIYers whTransomo want to add a transom window to their home. This hardware includes a pole style window operator, latch hooks, safety latches, and lockable latches.

The Transom Window Operator from Restorers Classic collection is made of steel and allows windows to be opened and held in virtually any position. It works on windows 18”-24” high with bottom hinges. It is available in four finishes to complement any decor.

Keep the window from opening too far with one of our Safety Catch Chains. They are made of steel and offered in several finishes and 12” and 15” lengths. Mount on end to the window and the other end to the sash.

Keep your window secured with a Transom Latch. Van Dyke’s has several styles of brass locks to fit most windows in Nickel, Brass, and Bronze finishes.


transom window hardware