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Finding the right designer for your project is crucial, we can help!

The thought of breathing new life into your home is an exhilarating one. But while there’s excitement, there’s also the weight of ensuring everything turns out just right. Whether you’re restoring an old classic or diving into a full-blown renovation, partnering with an interior designer can be the key to bringing your vision to life. Here are some insightful tips and essential questions to make your collaboration fruitful.

Why Work with an Interior Designer?

  • Expertise: Designers bring a trained eye to your project, ensuring all elements harmonize.
  • Save Time and Money: They often have industry contacts and knowledge that can lead to cost savings and timely project completion.
  • Problem Solving: Designers can offer innovative solutions to tricky design dilemmas that you might not have considered.
  • Increased Property Value: A well-designed space can boost the value of your property.
  • Tailored to You: Designers ensure that the space is not only beautiful but also functional and aligned with your lifestyle.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Interior Designer:

  1. Background and Credentials
  2. What is your educational background?

    While a degree isn’t everything, it’s a solid starting point. Knowing where they studied can provide insight into their design foundation.

    How long have you been in the industry?

    Experience often translates to a refined design process and better vendor relationships.

    Do you have any professional affiliations?

    Associations often set ethical and professional standards for their members.

  3. Design Style
  4. How would you describe your design style?

    While a good designer can work in various styles, knowing their natural inclination can be telling.

    Can you provide a portfolio of past work?

    This gives a tangible sense of their style and the quality of their work.

  5. Work Style and Process
  6. How do you handle disagreements or differing opinions during the design process?

    This speaks volumes about their professionalism and how client-centric they are.

    What is your design process?

    Understanding their process can help set expectations and timelines.

    Do you work with a specific set of vendors or are you open to exploring new ones?

    This gives you an idea about flexibility and the potential to customize.

  7. Budget and Billing
  8. How do you structure your fees?

    Some designers charge an hourly rate, others a flat fee, and some might opt for a percentage of the total project cost.

    Do you offer a free consultation?

    A preliminary meet-up can be a great way to gauge if you’re on the same page.

Tips for a Fruitful Collaboration

  1. Communicate Clearly: Whether it's a design preference or budget constraint, clarity is vital.
  2. Trust Their Expertise: You hired them for their expertise. While it’s your home, it’s beneficial to be open to their suggestions.
  3. Stay Involved: Regular check-ins and updates can ensure the project stays on track.
  4. Feedback is Golden: Positive or negative, timely feedback helps in refining the design.


A restoration or renovation project can be both thrilling and daunting. An interior designer doesn’t just bring aesthetic value; they also bring functionality, efficiency, and a seamless flow to your project. By asking the right questions and maintaining open communication, you’re well on your way to creating your dream space!