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Veneer Selection

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Veneer (PSA)

Premium veneer sheets available in a variety of species and several different size to minimize waste. The easiest veneer to use as it comes pre-glued with a special 3M adhesive and installs simply by peeling off the the protective sheeting and pressing firmly into place. 10 mil. thickness cuts to size easily with scissors.

Paper Backed Veneer

These veneers feature a resin impregnated paper backing that stregthens the veneer and helps keep it flat both prior to and during installation. Paper backed veneers may be filled, sanded, glued, stained and fianl finished to give the appearance of solid woods. The backing also acts as a solvent barrier by keeping stains and finishes from leaching through the veneer and weakening the adhesive bond after it has been installed. Most of our paperback veneer are 1/32" thick and none are less than 1/64" thick.

Unbacked Veneers

Like most veneers found on original antiques, unbacked veneer is also available in a wide variety of species. Widths tend to be narrower as they are not placed on pre-sized sheets during processing like backed veneers.

To maintain color and grain uniformity, unbacked veneers are stored and sold in flitches. (A flitch is a stack of veneer sheets cut from the same log and arranged sequentially in the order they were cut).

On large jobs it is a good idea to number the sheets after opening the flitch to maintain continuity throughout the project.

Wood on Wood PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

For amateur and professional woodworkers alike, 3M's premium PSA backed veneer sheets are rapidly becoming the most popular veneer type in the industry. Simply cut the veneer to the approximate size, peel off the protective backing and press into place. PSA veneer will not adhere to melamine.