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Appliance Pulls & Refrigerator Handles

Appliance Pulls & Refrigerator Handles

Find the perfect appliance pulls and refrigerator handles to give your hard-working home machines and tools a much-needed update! If your appliance handles are hanging on by a screw or your refrigerator pulls are all dinged up, search Van Dyke’s Restorers for a new replacement piece and have it looking good as new.

At Van Dyke’s, we offer everything from bins, bails and many more drawer and door handle accessories. Plus, we offer appliance pulls and handles in practically any finish you might need. Choose from timeless brass, easy-to-maintain stainless steel, rustic oil-rubbed bronze and even more modern clear acrylics. Some handles and pulls offer a two-tone finish that lends a striking contrast to any appliance. Van Dyke’s also offers an array of handles and pull styles to complement your personal decor tastes, whether it’s a traditional period kitchen or a modern one.

Find a suitable match for your existing appliances at Van Dyke’s Restorers’ extensive collection of appliance pulls and handles.

image Top Knobs Somerset Melon Appliance Pull
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars