Wood Veneer

What are veneers? In short, they are a fast and easy way to enjoy the beauty of wood grain on any project! A veneer is created by slicing a very thin piece of wood from a tree trunk and then applying it to a surface with glue. This allows us to capture the beauty of rare and exotic woods without the downsides of dealing with solid wood—increased weight, higher cost, less structural integrity, and more ecological damage. Our selection includes nearly any gorgeous wood you can think of, from conventional species like Ash, White Birch, White Maple, Red Oak, Cherry, etc. to rare and exotic woods like Hawaiin koa, Purpleheart, African Mahogany, Capathian Elm, Fiddleback Makore, and more! Our broad selection of wood veneers also features several different cuts (quarter sawn, flat cut, rotary cut, and tiger flake), offering several different angles of woodgrain so you can choose the pattern that suits you best. We also offer smaller cuts, like our veneer inlays, veneer edge banding, and veneer trim.