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Copper Backsplashes & Copper Panels

Copper Backsplashes & Copper Panels

Take Your Project to the Next Level of Elegance

Want to elevate a kitchen backsplash or add a warm metal accent to a furniture restoration piece? Whether you plan to add a copper backsplash or need decorative copper sheets for making period-style lampshades, you’ll find numerous patina hues at Van Dyke’s Restorers. We carry a small collection of copper panels and copper backsplash sheets, available in multiple patina hues, like bright Azul blues and mottled deep blacks. Copper panels not only add an attractive touch to a home, but they're also highly durable, resisting dings and scratches. You can add a luxurious metallic shine to fireplaces or range hoods without worrying about potential scrapes.

Choose from stunning designs, such as distressed, mottled and Rojo style patinas. Looking for a more textural appearance to your project? Consider distressed and mottled patinas. Pick a Rojo style patina that undergoes a controlled “Earth Burial” process to create its unique color. Whichever copper panels you choose, you will have a beautiful one-of-a-kind look, as no two pieces are alike.

Restorers Azul Aged Solid Copper Sheet
image Restorers Azul Aged Solid Copper Sheet
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