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Fretwork Wall Panels

Fretwork Wall Panels

Elevate your wall or ceiling into a work of art

Add a stunning dimension and visual texture to your walls and ceilings with our decorative fretwork wall panels. At Van Dyke’s Restorers, we offer a variety of fretwork panels in all sorts of geometric motifs and patterns, from scallops to starbursts to diagonal latticeworks. With our assortment of decorative fretwork panels, you can find any pattern to carry your tastes. Choose a Moroccan alhambra motif for a multicultural bohemian vibe, or raised polka dots for a playful, vintage mid century modern touch.

An excellent substitute for wallpaper, each fretwork panel also features a smooth white finish, which may be painted to match existing walls and ceilings. Paint them a natural earthy color to match your wood trim, making them appear like ornate woodwork details, or the same color as the walls but with an added sheen for a luxurious yet subtle spatial effect. Alternatively, you can choose to leave the fretwork panels bare on a dark wall to add a contrasting look to your room.

Made of expanded cellular PVC, these contemporary fretwork wall panels offer many advantages. For starters, they offer an affordable alternative to hand-built fretwork that would otherwise take several laborious hours or days to complete. Another advantage over wood panels is that they are exceptionally lightweight, making your install job rather painless and minimizing the load on your ceilings and walls. Made of easy-to-cut PVC, all you need to do is measure twice and cut the fretwork panels to your desired custom size and then install it with a common adhesive. 

Transform your spaces with decorative fretwork panels for a truly inspired, multi-dimensional look that elevates your home’s aesthetic.