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How to Build Your Own Rocking Chair

There are literally hundreds of plans for various types of rocking chairs from simple to complex available on line. Van Dyke's offers a good selection of rocker runners in adult and children’s sizes to suit most rocker projects. Here are a few tips to consider no matter what style rocker you have decided to build.

  • Decide what type of wood you want to use for making your rocking chair. Van Dyke's runners are available in oak or maple. We recommend using a hard wood instead of a soft wood like pine.
  • Cut out each piece of the rocker according to your plans – seat, back, legs, arms.
  • Cut notches as described in your project plans and be careful to follow directions carefully to make sure pieces will fit properly.
Rocker Installation
Painting the Rocking Chair
  • Assemble the pieces working from front to back.
  • Place the completed rocker on the runners before drilling holes to determine the best placement. The front of the runner should extend 1 1/2 inches to 5 inches beyond the front leg and 4 to 9 inches beyond the back legs depending on the length of the runner and the distance between your front and back posts.
  • Use a level to determine proper placement and mark with a pencil. Turn chair upside down and measure distance between front and back leg posts and transfer this measurement to the runner you just measured.
  • Once assembled, paint or stain. If it is being used outdoors, apply at least two coats or a weather-resistant coating.