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Chair Caning Glossary


A natural fiber, the bark of the rattan vine from the jungles of the Far East. It is stripped from the vines, dried and cut into various widths for weaving.

Chair Cane

A mesh of interwoven strands of cane which can be used for seats or seat backs on applications where the outside of the area has holes and not a groove.

Binder Cane

Wider and heavier than regular cane. Used as a border trim around the edge of the caned seat to cover the holes.

Caning Pegs

Cone Shaped wooden pegs for holding cane ends in holes around the outside edge of caned area.

Cane Webbing

Used in applications where a groove surrounds the caned area.

Caning Wedges

Hardwood wedges used to temporarily hold cane webbing in groove while inserting spline reed.

Spline Reed

Wedge shaped reed in a variety of sizes to hold cane webbing into groove around outside of caned area.

Domestic Twisted Fiber Rush

Strong artificial wicker material used primarily by chair manufacturers.

Hong Kong Grass

Made from twisted sea grass to resemble rope, this material is used in place of rush for chair seating as well as for basket weaving.


A natural reed which is stronger than normal wicker material commonly used in larger pieces of old fashioned living room or porch sets of wicker type furniture. Comes in flat oval, round or flat reed.


The inner core of the rattan vine.

Smoked Rattan

For those who prefer the mellow beauty pf well aged rattan that more closely matches original antique appearance.

Flat Fibre Braid

Our flat braid is made from twisted paper. Excellent for craft projects, antique furniture, wicker repair and basketry.

Round Fibre Braid

Flat braided round reed is great for wicker repair, trim around mirrors, antiques and basketry.


The general term used for rush bottom seats, the material used most frequently is cattail.


Produced from rotary sliced lumber cut into strips the correct width for weaving.

Synthetic Spilt Reed Cane

A lower priced, durable pre-woven material used the same as natural cane.


A general term for a variety of weaving materials including rattan chair cane.

White Fibre Rush

Made from a durable grade of paper twisted into a strand to resemble natural rush. Easy to work.


Used in hand caning process. Acts as a wetting and softening agent.

Rushing Fork

Tool used to push, wrap, pull and stuff strands together for a rushed seat.

Rushing Shuttle

Useful in weaving of fiber rush or sea grass.

Caning Awl

Used to clean old holes and is helpful during the last steps of caning when holes are become filled. It is also a great basket weaving tool.

Caning Nipper

Used for clipping strands of chair cane or reed. Durable and excellent for basket and seat weaving.