What is a Patina or a Living Finish?

The beauty of copper is its living finish or patina. It builds overtime and works as a protective coating. The patina is a rich weathered finish with light and dark tones complementing each other and creating the unique effect of copper. It is also what gives copper its natural anti-bacterial properties. Certain chemicals can strip the patina. These products will remove the finish leaving your sink shiny: Soft Scrub, Clorox Bleach, Drano, or Acids. However, because it is a living finish, it will heal itself. Given time the copper sink will gradually return to the rich brown color and cover up spots and scratches.

How to Care for Your Copper Sink

Polished Copper

Fired Copper - Black Copper – Antique Copper

Multi –Colored - Black Nickel - Antique Satin Gold

Brushed Nickel - Polished Nickel