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A quality deadbolt lock offers security and functionality as well as decorative appeal. Before shopping for a deadbolt, make sure to measure the thickness of your door to make sure the lock you buy fits. You can adjust some locks to compensate for different door thicknesses, but some you can not. The deadbolt should come with instructions, but below is a basic run-through to help.

Steps for installing a standard deadbolt lock:

  1. The deadbolt should come with a template to help you accurately locate where to bore the holes in your door.
  2. Use the template to drill the main hole; make sure all holes are absolutely square with the door (use a combination square to achieve this).
  3. Bore a second hole in the edge of the door for the bolt assembly. Have someone hold the door to keep it steady while you are drilling, so the cut is true.
  4. Insert the deadbolt, use a pencil to mark the outline of the face plate, and then chisel out a recess so the plate can sit flush.
  5. Mark and cut a mortise for the strike plate. Bore the hole to accommodate the bolt when it’s engaged.