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How to Measure Tambours


To determine the size of tambour you need to, multiply the length (A) by the depth (B). For example: 72" long (A) by 36" deep (B) equals 2,592 square inches.

Multiply the number of square inches by the price listed for the size desired. For example: 2,592 square inches and sells for 11¢ per square inch. 2,592 x 11¢ = $285.12.

Also, please specify if the tambour is for horizontal or vertical usage. If the tambour were for a Hoosier it would slide horizontal but if it were for a roll top desk it would slide vertical. This would ensure that you receive the tambour in the proper orientation.

In order to complete the tambour you would also need to order a base plate unless you have one from another tambour. Our base plates are routed out on the top backside, ready for assembling with glue to the last slat on the tambour. The last slot is rectangular rather than 1/2 round so that it fits perfectly into the routed out area of the base plate. To order a base plate to fit the above size of tambour you would order a 72" base plate. The base plates are priced 29¢ per running inch. 72 x 29¢ = $20.88.