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How to Install Shutter Dogs

Shutter dogs come in many sizes, shapes, and styles and are a pretty and functional way to hold shutters open. Shutter dogs have a through-hole and are mounted so that they can be rotated to move out of the way of the shutter when it opens. The dog is then rotated in front of the open shutter to keep it open.

Final Installed Shutter Dog

Installed Shutter Dog


To install the shutter dog:

  1. Open the shutters all the way and hold the shutter dog and the lag bolt/screw that will hold it away from the house. Position the shutter dog against the house under the shutter. Ideally, it should be 4 inches in from the shutter’s outer edge and 1 inch below the bottom edge, but this can vary depending on the size of the shutter dog.
  2. While holding the bolt/screw up against the house, make sure it has enough contact with the shutter to hold it open. Then spin the shutter dog horizontally and check that the shutter can clear it to swing closed.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the dog’s position, mark the fastener’s location. Drill a pilot hole at the mark and install.


Whether to use a screw or bolt depends on the surface of house. If you are fastening the shutter dog to concrete brick, you will want to use a concrete screw. If you are fastening into stucco, you must first determine the type of stucco. Most will be a concrete like material.

Georgetown Shutter Dog

Acorn Traditional Shutter Dog with Hardware


Whatever surface you are mounting to, it is best to use plastic anchors to screw into for a better hold. You can get anchor kits at any hardware store.


Van Dyke's offers faux (imitation) hardware for use with non-functional shutters and for other decorative applications. Faux hardware provides a traditional look for decorative shutters for much less than functional hardware. Faux hinges and faux scroll shutter dogs are commonly used with vinyl or wood shutters and give the appearance of operational hardware, but are non-functioning.

Faux Shutter Dog