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Desk Leather

Desk Leather

Desktop Leather

Few details communicate luxury and sophistication as well as a leather top desk, as it adds a rugged yet responsive surface to an already rich and storied piece. The perfect upgrade for an antique or vintage desk top, the Restorers line of antique desk leather allow you to elevate your den, study, office or other space to the next level of elegance and refinement.

Restorers Antique Desktop Leather - Embossing #10
image Restorers Antique Desktop Leather - Embossing #10
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars

The Restorers line of premium desk leather is custom-cut to your exact specifications, ensuring the perfect fit for your leather top desk. No matter if you are replacing the antique leather on a desk or installing leather on a piece that did not have it previously, adding or replacing desktop leather is a simple process that can make a massive difference.

Choose from our sizable selection of colors and styles to give your desk top the ideal look and feel. Van Dyke’s desk leather is available in black, dark green, oxblood, rust, cherry, chestnut, cinnamon, mahogany and custom burgundy. You can also choose from a selection of 11 custom shapes, insets and additional lines of embossing or no embossing at all.

Our leather top desk designs are of the highest quality, measuring 1.0 mm thick with a vibrant, two-tone finish that is free from bleeding or wet rub issues.

If you are looking to upgrade to a leather top desk, there is no finer choice than the options offered in the Restorers line of premium gold embossed or plain desk leather toppers. Browse our selection and upgrade your desk top today.