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When you decided to renovate your bathroom, you likely gave a lot of thought to the fixtures and wall paint. But did you give much thought to the lighting in your bathroom? You should.

Because lighting does more than illuminate a space. Lighting can either harmonize with your design style or clash with it.

But lighting is also functional. In the bathroom, the right lighting scheme helps you look your best as you prepare for your day. You can find your next vintage vanity light when you shop our high-quality selection. 

Lighting also affects your mood and circadian rhythm. And nowhere are the physical effects of lighting more important than the bathroom, where you go in the morning while still shaking off sleep and in the evening as you prepare for bed.

Lighting Design Basics

The best-designed rooms have three types of lighting: task, ambient and accent lighting. Incorporating all three types of lighting in your bathroom will help you create an inviting and attractive space. 

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps a room fulfill its functional purpose. Most bathrooms are lacking in adequate task lighting. As the room least likely to have enough sunlight, your bathroom lighting needs extra consideration around the vanity mirror. 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides unobtrusive light to a room. It creates warmth and soft shadows. Ambient light adds interest to a room by accentuating its architectural details. Recessed lights and light rail molding are examples of ambient light. When used with a dimmer, ambient lighting in the bathroom can be functional at night because it’s less likely to interfere with your circadian rhythm. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting helps the designer establish focal points in the room. The eye is naturally drawn to a lighted area of the room. Placed correctly, accent lights can bring attention to artwork or other decor. From vessel sinks to antique tubs, a variety of options exist to create statement pieces in today’s bathrooms that would benefit from accent lighting. 

Chandelier Above Antique Bathtub

Accent lighting in the bathroom can help make a dramatic design element a focal point. A well-placed chandelier will naturally draw the eye to your antique bathtub. Find the perfect vintage bathtub from our selection of luxurious choices. 

Wall Sconces Near Vanity Mirror

Task lighting that helps a space fulfill its functional purpose is difficult to get right in the bathroom. Makeup, especially, can look overdone if your lighting is insufficient. Wall sconces placed on either side of your vanity mirror can help light your face to give your bathroom a polished look. 

Recessed Lighting for a Modern Look

modern bathroom shower area

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Your modern bathroom may feature bold elements such as a floating vanity or marble shower walls. The wrong lighting fixture can take attention away from striking design elements and undo the minimal aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with your modern style. Recessed lighting or lighting behind your mirror can brighten your space without competing with the clean lines you’ve achieved. 

Black Light Fixtures for Your Contemporary Design

modern interior of a bathroom

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Contemporary design uses the same clean lines as modern, but also incorporates warm earth tones. The caramel and tan colors of the earth palette are offset nicely with black light fixtures with clean lines. 

Complete Your Bathroom Design with Great Lighting 

Lighting is an essential feature of any room’s design. In the bathroom, lighting can help you create a spa-like atmosphere or make the most of dramatic elements. 

Most people don’t consider the physical effects of great indoor lighting. In the bathroom, especially, using a variety of lighting options can improve your morning or help you get a great night’s sleep. 

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