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Add Tambour Panels as Decorative Accents in Your Home

Posted on 05/05/2023

Tambour wood panels are versatile and flexible making them ideal for a variety of home renovation applications.

Tambour panels can save space when used as a rolling cover for cupboards, desks, and even doors. Used as a decorative accent, the panels give walls, cabinets, or furniture pieces added depth and provide standard surfaces an interesting look. The look of tambours is like bead board but with flexibility and added visual interest due to its depth.

Perhaps the most recognizable application for tambours is when it’s used as the cover of a rolltop desk. In fact, rolltop desks are also called tambour desks (or bureau à cylinder in French). The word tambour is French for drum, referring to the manner in which a drum head rolls down.

Tambours are flexible, slatted panels typically made from wood or metal that are used in various applications, including interior design and home renovation. They consist of individual slats or strips connected together to form a continuous, rollable surface.

Tambours can be used in home renovations and interior design in a variety of creative ways. Here are some unique ideas:

  1. Cabinet Doors: Replace traditional cabinet doors with tambour doors. Tambour doors are space-saving as they roll up instead of swinging open, making them ideal for tight spaces. They can be used in kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, or even as a hidden storage solution.
  2. Room Dividers: Create a flexible and visually appealing room divider using tambour panels. The slatted design allows light to filter through while still maintaining privacy. You can customize the height and length of the tambour panel to suit your needs.
  3. Wall Coverings: Add texture and visual interest to your walls by installing tambour panels as wall coverings. They can be used as a feature wall in a living room, bedroom, or even as an accent in a hallway or foyer. Add depth to any wall when you use tambours as wainscoting. Tambours can bring warmth and a natural element to your space.
  4. Bar Fronts: Use tambour panels as a unique covering for your home bar. Whether it's a built-in bar or a standalone piece of furniture, tambours can add a touch of elegance and sophistication. They can be incorporated into modern or rustic-themed designs.
  5. Fireplace Surrounds: Create a striking focal point by using tambour panels as a fireplace surround. The rolling slats can add a contemporary twist to a traditional fireplace or complement a modern fireplace design. It's a great way to introduce texture and character to your living space.
  6. Ceiling Treatments: Install lightweight tambour panels on the ceiling to create an interesting and unexpected design element. This approach works particularly well in spaces with high ceilings, where the tambour panels can draw the eye upward and add a sense of architectural interest. The panels are easy to install.
  7. Furniture Accents: Incorporate tambour panels into furniture pieces like sideboards, dressers, or even headboards. This can add a unique touch to your furniture and make it stand out as a statement piece.


Remember to consider the overall style and aesthetic of your space when using tambours in your home renovation. Whether you opt for a more traditional or contemporary look, tambour panels can bring texture, functionality, and an element of surprise to your interior design.