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Why Barn Doors are the Trending Home Makeover You Need

Posted on 11/03/2023

Rustic Charm is Trendy Due to Its Comfortable and Cozy Style

In the world of interior design, homeowners and professionals combine the needs of functionality and aesthetics to create spaces that are beautiful and serve our lifestyles. One of the trendiest home additions that masterfully blend these elements is the barn door. Because of the variety of styles and finishes, barn doors have rolled their way into urban spaces, making a charming statement that's hard to overlook.

Where can you add a barn door and why are they so popular? Read on to find out, plus you’ll learn why they're gaining popularity, and why you might just want to roll into the trend yourself.

Perfect Places for Barn Doors in Your Home

  1. Bedroom and Closet Doors
  2. Transform the entrance to your sanctuary with a bedroom barn door. It's the perfect blend of privacy and open concept living. Plus, it's a real space saver since it slides instead of swinging to open.

  3. Bathroom Privacy with Style
  4. A bathroom privacy door that's a barn door can offer a locking mechanism for privacy and a chic touch that traditional doors often lack. With the right accessories a barn door can bring a spa-like feel to your home.

  5. Kitchen Pantry Perfection
  6. Replace that tired kitchen pantry door with a sliding piece of art. A barn door here not only adds character but also saves space in kitchens where every inch counts.

  7. Home Office Hideaway
  8. With remote work on the rise, a barn door for your office space can hide away the mess in an instant, especially during those unexpected video calls.


Why Rolling Doors Are So Popular

stylish panel rolling barn door

Modern Meets Rustic

Barn doors are at the crossroads of modern interior trends and rustic charm, offering a visual break from the standard while contributing to minimalist home decor.

Industrial Vibes:

The hardware itself – with its bold metals and strong lines – adds those industrial design elements that are particularly popular.

Eco-Friendly Options:

Many are seeking eco-friendly home products, and barn doors can be made from reclaimed wood, giving old materials new life while reducing environmental impact.

rustic style rolling barn door

Benefits of Sliding and Rolling Doors

  • Space Savers
  • The sliding mechanism of barn doors makes them ideal space-saving solutions for tight quarters where a traditional door's swing would be impractical.

  • Architectural Interest
  • Installing a barn door is an easy way to add architectural interest to a home without major renovations.

    rolling barn door with textured glass

  • Customizable
  • Barn doors are highly customizable home design elements. Choose your wood, stain, paint, and hardware to match your personal style. You can even add sliding doors to cabinets, credenzas, and media centers.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Blend
  • For homes with patios or sunrooms, a barn door provides a unique way to create seamless indoor-outdoor living areas, allowing for easy movement when entertaining or relaxing.


Rolling Into Your Home Renovation

Incorporating a barn door into your DIY home projects is less daunting than you might think. The installation of barn doors can be a weekend project that instantly adds both value and personality to your home.

From an investment perspective, this home value addition is twofold: it increases the aesthetic appeal and the functional practicality of your home. Whether you're eyeing a sale in the future or simply improving your home for your own enjoyment, a barn door is a compelling choice.

Check out our extensive collection of barn door hardware. With quality craftsmanship and a variety of styles, we've got everything you need to transform your space with this timeless design feature.