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Over years of use, drawers receive a considerable amount of wear and tear. However, instead of throwing them out and buying a replacement, there are numerous chest of drawers makeover ideas that you can implement.

Going this route, you can get rid of any visible nicks, liven the piece up with a new coat of paint and consider getting high-quality furniture legs to install so you can have a new chest of drawers in no time, with an added sense of accomplishment.

If you are searching for some chest of drawers makeover ideas to breathe new life into your old dresser, look no further. Here are five great ways to achieve that aim.

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 1. Add Crisp White Lines

Like pinstriping on an older car, painting a crisp white outline around the border of the drawers is a fantastic way to add character and elevate a dresser’s style and class.

Additionally, this look is simple to achieve as all it requires is a straight edge or the application of painter’s tape. Alternatively, if you feel that you have a steady enough of a hand, you can also freehand the lines, though the former will likely produce better results.

2. Apply Wallpaper

Instead of painting your dresser, a unique chest of drawers makeover idea that bypasses this task altogether is to wallpaper your piece with a beautiful pattern or print. However, this idea demands drawers that have flat fronts as the wallpaper will not adhere well to textured surfaces.

This is a simple and fun way to give your chest of drawers a completely matchless appearance that adds some color or texture to your room. Additionally, depending on the type of wallpaper print you select, you can take this concept to the next level by purchasing some antique hardware to install as well, giving your dresser a distinct look and feel.

3. Turn Your Chest of Drawers into a Canvas

If the wallpaper chest of drawers makeover idea doesn’t scratch your creative DIY itch, then you can instead go all out and turn your dresser into your own personal canvas.

Going this route, you can either purchase a beautiful stencil to apply to the dresser or design your own motif.

custom painting

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If you are looking for chest of drawers makeover ideas that let you turn your furniture into something wholly unique to you, this is certainly one to consider.

4. Consider a New Top

Another wonderful way to elevate the elegance and sophistication of your chest of drawers is to apply a new top, such as a faux marble or faux granite.

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Source: Miriam Doerr Martin Frommherz/

If you decide this idea is for you, a stunning scheme is to apply a darker top, with a lighter body. Then, you can either get new legs for the piece or paint the existing ones a couple of shades darker than the body’s tone.

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Alternatively, if you find yourself so inclined, you could even build a new top for your dresser from scratch. If granite and marble don’t fit with your home’s aesthetic, this might be a good option for you.

5. Mix and Match Finishes

Another creative makeover concept for your chest of drawers is to apply different stains, a new one for each drawer. This will give the dresser an artistic and creative appearance. Fortunately, there are tons of great wood stains that you can use to achieve this look.

After staining each of your drawers, apply a clean white top to tie the whole piece together.

Making Your Chest of Drawers New Again

As you can see, there are a variety of great chest of drawers makeover ideas that you can leverage to transform your rundown piece of furniture into something new, elegant and creative.

Figure out which of the ideas listed above will work best for your chest of drawers and your home’s aesthetic and have fun breathing new life into your old chest of drawers.