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Installing door trim with uneven walls might sound like a challenging job. However, the reality is that the process to bring the door trim into alignment with the door casing is rather simple, even with uneven walls.

With just a few simple tools, a bit of patience and a moderate amount of skill, you can complete this project in no time.

Let’s take a look at how to install door trim with uneven walls.

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How Install Door Trim with Uneven Walls

While there are a few steps involved in this process, nothing here is too complicated – assuming that you already have the tools every DIYer should own.

Additionally, if you have ever wanted to buy decorative wood panels to install yourself, this process isn’t all that different, so you may even want to consider tackling that project next.

That said, you will need to:

Cut the Door Trim

Start by measuring and cutting three pieces of door trim to fit around the casing. It is best to use a miter saw and cut them at a 45-degree angle to ensure a snug fit.

After cutting, sand the ends to remove any splinters.

Install One Side of the Door Trim

Hold a piece of the door trim up against the side of the door frame and inspect it for gaps between the drywall and the trim. Next, starting from the top and working your way down, install a wood shim at the top of the door, one in the gap and one at the bottom of the door.

Examine the trim to make sure that the shim does not make it protrude or bulge out more than a half-inch.

Verify that the trim is even and parallel to the door frame and then cut off any excess of the wood or plastic shims. When fully satisfied, hammer 2-inch finish nails into the trim, shims and wall frame, making sure that the nail head is marginally sunk into the surface of the trim.

Install Additional Shims

From here, you will need to repeat the process, filling any remaining gaps between the trim and drywall. Start by placing the second shim roughly 10 inches below the first one. Again, cut the excess and hammer in the 2-inch finish nail through the trim, shim and wall frame.

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Continue installing in shims at 10-inch intervals all the way down the side of the trim.

Install the Other Door Trim

With one side (mostly) finished, you will now repeat the process on the opposite side of the door by installing a shim at the top and bottom of the door and then adding them in at 10-inch intervals.

Install the top piece of trim the same way you did for the previous two pieces.

Trim Any Excess Shim

While you did do this in previous steps, you will now want to take an extra close look at your work to identify any flaws or small bits of excess shim. For any bits that you find, use a utility knife to cut off any protrusions. However, be careful not to cut too much as this will create hard-to-fix gaps under the door trim.

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Apply Clear Caulk

When you are satisfied with the condition of the shims, apply a clear caulk around the sides of the trim.

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Apply the caulk properly, thereby achieving a smooth and even finish. When done, allow the caulk enough time to harden before you move on to painting the door and the trim.

Installing an Even Trim

While it might not be as easy as buying wood appliques and installing them on furniture, learning how to install door trim with uneven walls doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated.

Follow the steps listed above and you can successfully install door trim that looks like it was done by a professional.